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Mountain Weather LWP

Android Live Wallpaper

Relax with a quiet mountain scenery, look at the clouds passing in blue sky, the movement of flowers and the flight of butterflies. Enjoy a spectacular sunset and after sunset, you can watch the starry sky, watching the fireflies, the sky lanterns, the falling stars and the moon in its actual phase.

The new feature of the live weather will allow you to see the changing weather conditions! So you can watch storms, rain, snow, and more!

You can choose whether to use the current weather conditions (based on your location), or manually you can choose a weather condition. So you can make it snow all year round, or you can see thunderstorms in summer!

  • Tracking day/night
  • Smooth transition sunrise and sunset
  • Current moon phase
  • Weather conditions
  • Live weather
  • Animate flowers and clouds
  • Choice of flowers (daisies, tulips, roses and sunflowers)
  • And many more..