Relax yourself with infinite puzzles to solve.

Hexazen is a simple and relaxing game with endless levels, in which you will have to find the right combination able to turn on all the points of the hexagon.

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How to play?

Click on an hexagon to rotate it and turn on all its points but be careful not to turn off those points of the near hexagons. When all the hexagons will have turn on all the points you will have completed the level

What if i can't solve a puzzle?

Don't worry, you will always have all aid that you need. In the free version the helps are linked to the vision of a video, instead in the full version the help will be endless.

How many puzzles are there?

The puzzles are infinite, they are randomly genereted, all with the same difficulty level. You could relax after 10000 puzzles, as well as for the first puzzles

Is the game free?

It is possible to play with endless levels even without making any purchase. however in the free version will be present and serving, and the help are linked to the vision of a video. Buying the full version the ad will be removed and you will have endless helps.

Why the classification?

It is useful to confront you with your friends and with the other users of the game, to discover how many puzzles you solved, and instead how many puzzles your friends solved.

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